Tales from the journey

While the journey rambles on,

weaving through time and space.

The stories now begin to be told,

of what has already taken place..

Tales of sorrow and of soaring spirit;

one or two, just to get it started.

A few more; here and there,

of great joy and also of the brokenhearted.

As the journey begins to wind down to an end

and all is done and said.

We now begin to understand in great detail,

of just how fully a single lifetime was led.

Just one more

Soft whispers

from places unknown.

Now the silence can settle in.

Faint images

of the past remembered.

As the future continues on.

New realities

existing only in the present.

So today; becomes just one more.

An asylum of shadows

An asylum of shadows,

Unwanted and cast aside.

No trust amongst them,

Yet they coexist; side by side.

Can you hear the muttered whispers,

The sad tales of what brought them here?

Can you feel their utter despair,

The hopelessness within each tear?

An asylum of shadows.


Visitors are welcome.

Yesterdays, today and the final tomorrow

The celebration of the soulless beasts will carry on into the deepest, darkest places of eternal time. They’ll sing, dance and gorge themselves with utter abandon on their ill gotten gains. From time to time; the sounds of their evil laughter will fill the air as they look down upon the mindless creatures below, continuing to fanatically fight and die in battles that have no reality. The war began and will end exactly the same way, with the mindless ones never realizing the truth.

Been really bored today. Attempting to maintain some sanity.

Boredom and creativity

Random Chaotic Descent

The tangled web we weave